Child Growth Clinic is the first exclusive Growth clinic started in chennai In Child Growth Clinic (established in Apollo Children’s Hospital a year ago), we provide the following services:

1. Initial detailed evaluation by Endocrinologist in Apollo Children’s Hospital

2. Growth Monitoring – Plotting in IAP growth chart, assessment of midparental height

3. Investigations

For children who need further evaluation, we have devised a comprehensive growth package which includes
Urine routine
Free T4
Xray for Bone age
All these investigations are available as a package at a reduced cost in Apollo Children’s Hospital.

Additional tests like celiac screen, karyotype, IGFBP3, skeletal survery etc are done on case to case basis

4. Growth Hormone Stimulation Tests

In addition, for children with suspected Growth Hormone deficiency, we do Growth Hormone stimualtion tests as per International standards.
We perform both Clonidine and Glucagon stimulation tests for children with Growth Hormone Deficiency. Very few centres perform these stimulation tests in Chennai.

5. Dietary Assessment
Children with short stature and failure to thrive are separately evaluated by dietician on case to case basis for assessment of calorie intake and address any calorie deficits.

6. Geneticist Consultation
Our pediatric geneticist provides consultation for children with genetic short stature and syndromic short stature on case to case basis.

7. Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Our pediatric gastroenterologist provide consultation and if needed endoscopy and biopsy for children with short stature due to malabsorption or other gastrointestinal causes.