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quality care based on internationally accepted treatment guidelines


Super-Speciality Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes, Thyroid & Endocrinology in Chennai

We diagnose and treat children with diseases of the endocrine system including growth, thyroid, adrenal, bone, pituitary, and metabolic disorders.


Growth Monitoring

Monitor your child's growth by latest Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP - 2015) growth chart

Growth Tests

Growth Package done in Apollo Children's Hospital include tests for all causes of short stature at an affordable cost.

Height Increase Treatment

Growth Hormone is approved for treatment of Growth hormone deficiency, Idiopathic Short Stature, Turner syndrome, Prader Willi syndrome, Chronic Kidney Disease, Small for Gestational Age babies, etc

Safety of Growth Hormone

Growth hormone has been safely used worldwide for children with significant improvement in height up to 8 - 13cm in first year of treatment.


"Achieving a normal adult height is your child's birth right!"

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Child Growth Clinic

Optimizing the growth and development of every child


Emergency Consultation

Please call 99402 86196 for any pediatric endocrine or pediatric diabetes emergency

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Doctors Timetable

Please consult only in Apollo Children's Hospital, Chennai between 12 - 2pm for pediatric diabetes and pediatric endocrinology consultations

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Online Consultation

Consult from home with Dr.S.Ramkumar, Endocrinologist in Apollo Hospital in Chennai from anywhere in the world through telemedicine. Contact Phone: 044-28296638 or Email: apollotmchennai@gmail.com

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